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Madrid, Spain, 23 February, 2009:  Integrasys announces launch of a new Satmotion Pocket generation, compliant to latest Satlabs harmonised monitoring and control recommendations and their accompanying DVB-RCS MIB specification.


The recently released product is the result of the ESA UNISAT project, which aimed for the development of an affordable VSAT installation solution enabling uniform and vendor independent configuration and antenna alignment of any HM&C (Harmonised Management and Control, as included in SatLabs v2 recommendations) compliant RCST.

Integrasys and Hispasat collaborated in this initiative to extend and adapt the VSAT installation procedures according to the Satlabs standards, following a practical approach. This new solution is based on the successful Satmotion technology, which has been in operation for several years in Hispasat, one of the major DVB-RCS network operators worldwide.

By integrating support for the upcoming Satlabs v2 compliant terminals, the Satlabs edition of the Satmotion Pocket is currently a state-of-the-art product in its class. Due to its design, it will ensure the efficient and cost-effective deployment of large DVB-RCS networks composed of satellite terminals from different manufacturers in the new scenarios devised in the broadband satellite business area, thus representing a valuable instrument for DVB-RCS Network Operators and Service Providers.

The Satmotion system is currently being operated by STM, Hispasat and the European Space Agency through the Hellas-Sat satellite. “This innovative product will help to further consolidate and extend Integrasys presence as installation and management solution providers in the broadband satellite network market”, said an Integrasys representative.

About Integrasys
Integrasys is a Spanish SME software development and engineering company specialized in the design, development and integration of both Real-Time and Non Real-Time software for automated measurement systems in the SATCOM field.
Integrasys is a member of the SatLabs Group EEIG formed by service providers, satellite operators, system integrators, terminal manufacturers and technology providers with a commercial interest in DVB-RCS. The object of the Satlabs Group EEIG is to bring the deployment of the DVB-RCS standard to a large-scale adoption, by ensuring interoperability between DVB-RCS terminals and systems and by achieving low-cost solutions. In addition to SatMotion Pocket, the company provides a complete product line of distributed carrier monitoring software systems for the satellite market.
Additional information can be obtained from the Integrasys web site and the UNISAT web site.