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stm_80LYSAKER, NORWAY, 15 June 2008: STM Group announced today that its R&D center, operated by STM Norway AS, has completed the development of the first DVB-RCS compatible mesh VSAT network system, as an extension of its SatLink® product platform.

The new SatLink 1910 Mesh VSAT is enabled via a simple plug-in card upgrade to the current SatLink 1910, the industry’s leading high-performance DVB-RCS certified VSAT. This equips the VSAT to receive burst communications on four concurrent MF-TDMA carriers, which assures non-blocking mesh networking performance for voice and data to typical end-user sites.

This year, STM will also introduce mesh gateway systems within the SatLink product line to serve as high-traffic concentration points; these systems concurrently transmit and receive over many DVB-RCS compliant MF-TDMA carriers. All SatLink VSAT systems also receive network control and user data via DVB-S2 ACM compliant TDM carriers.

One of the unique capabilities of the SatLink mesh product line is its dynamic IP routing in large, full-mesh environments with both QoS and TCP acceleration applied. This capability allows the terminals to establish routes automatically, based on current traffic patterns and link conditions, and to allocate MF-TDMA carrier capacity using differentiated service criteria for voice, interactive video, critical user data and best-effort traffic accordingly.

“A main benefit of STM’s new mesh technology is that mesh connections are not tied to a specific TDMA carrier. A mesh VSAT can have many more active mesh connections than the number of carriers it is concurrently receiving or transmitting on.” commented Helge Fanebust, head of STM’s R&D center in Europe.

The introduction of the new SatLink mesh product family is part of STM’s concerted strategy to supply telecom operators with leading technologies to meet diverse and evolving market demands profitably. The SatLink product is optimized for IP-based telecom applications, as well as private networks requiring concurrent single-hop connectivity among hundreds or thousands of sites. Mesh network capabilities will also be offered by STM’s teleports, allowing for rapid deployment of small mesh networks, as well as cost-effective point-to-point links using DVB-RCS compliant MF-TDMA VSATs.

Product to be unveiled at 2008 CommunicAsia
STM’s new mesh products will be exhibited at the CommunicAsia 2008 conference at STM’s booth in Hall 6 at 6H1-01.

About STM Group:
STM Group provides high-performance, standards-based satellite network systems and services for mobile and fixed-line IP-based telephony, data and multimedia applications for enterprises, governments, telecommunications providers and system integrators. With its SatLink product line, the Company is a leader in research, development and manufacturing of MF-TDMA, bandwidth-on-demand solutions with certified compliance to the DVB-RCS international standard. STM’s services include custom network design, turnkey deployments, operations management and local support. STM operates with wholly-owned subsidiaries in Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia, including 12 regional offices, 6 teleports and 3 network operations centers for worldwide 24-by-7 customer support. STM and SatLink are registered trademarks of STM.

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*** STM was taken over by EMC Satcom Technologies in September 2013 ***