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SatNet_80.jpg Montreal, June 27, 2007:  Advantech Satellite Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Advantech AMT Inc, announced today that it has obtained SatLabs DVB-RCS Certification of Compliance for its latest family of DVB-RCS products.
This verifies that its broadband satellite terminal product complies with the DVB-RCS standard and can interoperate with other DVB-RCS based satellite equipment. Advantech is the market leader in the sales of DVB-RCS VSAT equipment.

”Advantech DVB-RCS certification for its premium S5100 rack-mountable terminal product, following the prior certification of its low-cost yet feature-rich S4100 desktop terminal product, marks yet another milestone in the continued commercial development of the DVB-RCS standard”, says Xavier Lobao, Chairman of the SatLabs Group. “Interoperability between terminals and systems is one of the key advantages of the open standard DVB-RCS and the main driver for continuously lowering the cost of broadband via satellite equipment and solutions. We observe that the DVB-RCS standard continues to achieve gains in the VSAT market, with multiple important contracts being awarded to the DVB-RCS industry members.”

The SatLabs Group is an international, not-for-profit association of service providers, satellite operators, system integrators, terminal manufacturers, and technology providers, with the aim of ensuring interoperability between DVB-RCS terminals and systems. To that end, the SatLabs Qualification Program was launched in 2005 to provide an independent certification process. Advantech Satellite Networks took advantage of the program launch at the time to achieve rapid certification of its leading-edge product at the time, the S3020 terminal. SatLabs recognizes the importance of ensuring DVB-RCS interoperability both at the terminal and the hub levels to achieve a full compliant DVB-RCS satellite system.

“With the S4100 and S5100, Advantech Satellite Networks offers a full line of certified DVB-RCS products featuring both DVB-S and DVB-S2. We are proud of the DVB-RCS heritage that we have built over the years, ever since the very conception of the standard. We continue to be at the forefront of the DVB-RCS industry with DVB-RCS certifications and with leading-edge products”, stated Mr. Don Osborne, President of Advantech Satellite Networks.

About Advantech
Advantech AMT Inc is an industry leader in design, manufacture and marketing of equipment for satellite and wireless communications. Advantech comprises four businesses: Advantech AMT (Satellite Equipment), Advantech Satellite Networks (SatNet), Allgon Microwave,and Advantech Advanced Manufacturing Services (AMS) The Company has headquarters in Montreal Canada, has approximately 550 employees worldwide, and operates facilities in Europe, in Canada, in Latin America and in the United States.  

About ADVANTECH Satellite Networks
Advantech Satellite Networks is a wholly owned subsidiary of ADVANTECH AMT Inc. Advantech Satellite Networks is a leading provider of broadband satellite communication systems, ground terminals and hub solutions using the international open standard DVB-RCS. Advantech Satellite Networks’ product and technology solutions enable two-way broadband access for a wide range of networking applications ranging from Internet access to more sophisticated virtual private networks, videoconferencing and Voice-over-IP. Advantech Satellite Networks is also a provider of military compliant satellite communications systems for use in DoD-owned teleports and for foreign military establishments worldwide.

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