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pentamedia80_100.jpgNoordwijk, 7 Feb, 2006: PentaMedia announced that its OpenRCSTM (Open standard of DVB-RCS, the brand of PentaMedia) has received the SatLabs Group Certificate of Compliance on Feb 2, 2006.

This verifies that PentaMedia’s terminal product complies with the DVB-RCS standard and can interoperate with other DVB-RCS-based satellite equipment.

SatLabs Group says “DVB-RCS interoperability is one of the core benefits of the DVB-RCS open standard and we believe that customers will greatly benefit from the choices available from alternative, competing vendors”.

“The main advantage of an open standard is the ability for customers to select DVB-RCS compliant products from various vendors instead of being tied up to a single vendor of proprietary technology. Interoperability between terminals and systems is one of the key advantages of the open standard, DVB-RCS, and the main driver for continuously lowering the cost of broadband via satellite equipment and solutions. It allows customers to choose freely between multiple vendors instead of being tied to a proprietary or single-vendor technology.” says Mr. Sean KIM, the CEO of PentaMedia.

About PentaMedia
South Korea has the highest population use of Broadband IP usage in the world. PentaMedia has been part of this amazing take up of fast Internet usage, in its partnerships with other major companies. It was founded in 1999 in Seoul, South Korea. PentaMedia is deploying its next generation DVB-RCS solution, which will enable it to lower costs within this technology.