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Newtec80_100.jpgNoordwijk, 2 Feb, 2006: Newtec announced on the 27th January that it has received a Certificate of Compliance from SatLabs for its DVB-RCS Satellite Interactive Terminal products.

Such Compliance Certification confirms that Newtec’s DVB-RCS Satellite Interactive Terminal is fully compliant with the DVB-RCS standard and able to operate with other DVB-RCS-based satellite equipment and products.

“We are extremely pleased with the certification of the Newtec DVB-RCS terminal” says Mr. Xavier Lobao, chairman of the SatLabs Group. “ The main advantages of an Open Standard is the ability for customers to select DVB-RCS compliant products from various vendors instead of being tied up to a single vendor of proprietary technology.”

After actively participating in the development of the DVB-RCS standard, Newtec was one of the first companies to deliver DVB-RCS compliant networks to various service providers, satellite operators and satellite access providers. The Newtec Group of Companies is one of the few companies to control the full value chain of the DVB-RCS product, from HUB stations, networking - and management software, to manufacturing Satellite Interactive Terminals and all related items.

“Obtaining of the Compliance Certificate from SatLabs is for us an important milestone, confirming to our Customers that they have selected one of the best products available on the market” says Richard Schaap, Director of Business Development and Marketing DVB-RCS at Newtec. “ In its 20 years of experience as a reliable Satellite Communication Equipment Supplier, we have always been a strong supporter of Open Standards and we will continue to be so in the future.”

Recently Newtec introduced a new line of DVB-S2 products. DVB-S2 is one of the most recent developments of the DVB Group, introducing enhanced modulation schemes and reducing the required satellite bandwidth for many satellite telecommunication applications. Newtec will enhance its DVB-RCS products later this year with the new DVB-S2 technology, allowing operators to achieve substantial reduction of the required satellite bandwidth and making broadband via satellite an even more competitive service. Furthermore, Newtec will insure that its existing DVB-RCS customers are offered a migration path from their current DVB-S based system to the new DVB-S2 technology, without the need to replace all of the installed equipment.

About Newtec
Since its establishment in 1985 in Belgium, Newtec has been among the market leaders of Satellite Communication, offering highly reliable products and solutions such as DVB modulators, Digital TV & Radio Distribution networks, interactive TV networks and IP Broadband Access Networks to customers throughout the entire world. With its ambitious policy of re-investment in R&D, Newtec is being recognized as the forerunner in several innovative satellite communication technologies, which eventually were published as industry standards (DVB, DVB-S2, DVB RCS and Satmode).

The Newtec Group consists of:
  • Newtec Company N.V. : R&D activities, located in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
  • Newtec Productions N.V. : EMEA commercial operations, located in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
  • Newtec America Inc. : operations in the Americas, located in Stamford – USA
  • Newtec Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. : commercial operations throughout Asia, located in Singapore
  • Newtec Diamond Satellite Communications (HK) Co., Ltd., a joint venture company with Diamond Electronics (HK) Co., Ltd.: Operations in China with main office in Hong Kong and representative office in Beijing as a centre for responding to the needs of Chinese customers for satellite communications products and services.
  • Teamtec N.V. : manufacturing and integration, located in Erpe-Mere, Belgium
  • Newtec MENA: Sales, marketing and technical support for the Middle East and North African region, located in Dubai
  • Tellitec Engineering GmbH located in Berlin, Germany and Tellitec Communications located in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium are specialized in specific software acceleration solutions for terrestrial and satellite communication networks.
  • Sangine NV is specialized in the development and implementation of operational support software targeted at ISPs and other operators using satellite based IP broadband access networks, located in Turnhout, Belgium
For more information, please contact:
Newtec Productions N.V.
Richard C.R. Schaap,
Laarstraat 5, 9100 Sint –Niklaas- Belgium
Phone: + 32 3 7806500
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