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News.jpgNoordwijk, 7 May, 2007: The SatLabs Group has begun preparing a dedicated interoperability test event that will take place by the end of 2007. This event will demonstrate the enhanced level of interoperable functionality provided by Version 2 of SatLabs System Recommendations. This event will be open to all SatLabs members wishing to show the interoperability of their solutions, including both Terminals and Hubs. Under the control of the SatLabs Qualification Laboratory, peer-to-peer testing will be performed, based on the Test Cases as defined in the SatLabs qualification programme.

This testing will not lead to any SatLabs certificate but will instead aim at demonstrating enhanced interoperability between different DVB-RCS implementations, based on Version 2 of SatLabs System Recommendations. This will also help provide a deeper common understanding of those Version 2 features and the underlying requirements of DVB-RCS interoperability.

The results of this interoperability test event will allow reinforcement of the position of DVB-RCS as the only multi-vendor VSAT standard, with true interoperability including DVB-S2, Quality of Service and Network Management.