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depend.jpgNoordwijk, 6 May, 2007: SatLabs Version 2 Recommendations introduces the Interoperable - Performance Enhancement Proxy (I-PEP) as a SatLabs certification option (PEP option).

The I-PEP specification includes a Vendor Identifier (“Vendor ID”) field in its protocol in order that I-PEP implementers may define private extension to the base protocol. Details on how to register a Vendor ID and the current listing of Vendor ID assignments can now be found on this web site.

The I-PEP specification is based on the SCPS protocol as defined within CCSDS.

Implementations conforming to the I-PEP definition will allow the use of different PEP implementations on the client-side as well as on the hub-side and even allow the use of a complete mixture of different clients with different PEP implementations.
This will provide end users with the freedom to select DVB-RCS equipment according to their project needs.

See details on the Interoperable PEP page.