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News_image_003_80.jpgNoordwijk, 7 Feb, 2006: At the end of last year, after extensive discussions, the SatLabs System Recommendations document was updated by the SatLabs group in order to align it with the current SatLabs certification requirements.

The SatLabs System document complements the DVB-RCS standard and associated guidelines to support interoperability between different terminals.

This updated version v1.2 includes additional technical recommendations and Terminal profile definitions.

The goal of these Recommendations is to facilitate interoperability of DVB-RCS Terminals through the Qualification process managed by SatLabs, which insures Interoperability of Terminals compliant with SatLabs Terminal Profiles. Terminals from different manufacturers that are compliant with the SatLabs System Recommendations shall be able to operate in networks that support the SatLabs System Recommendations.

SatLabs System Recommendations documents