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Noordwijk, 16 Sept 2008: The SatLabs Group announced today that the second phase of its Qualification Program for DVB-RCS terminals is now open.

Since its creation in 2001, the main goal of the SatLabs Group has been to achieve interoperability between DVB-RCS terminals and systems. Therefore, the Group has defined the SatLabs Qualification Program which provides an independent certification process for DVB-RCS Terminals.

The Qualification Program is based on three pillars:

Since the availability of the Test Bed in August 2005, 9 terminals from 6 manufacturers (STM, Gilat, Advantech, Newtec, NanoTronix and ViaSat) have successfully passed the 100 test cases proving they implement the SatLabs System Recommendations version 1 for DVB-RCS systems.

The new enhanced Qualification Program is based on a recent update of the SatLabs System Recommendations (SSR) and the subsequent upgrade of the SatLabs Test Bed.  It is also aligned with the latest DVB-RCS specifications (ETSI EN 301790 v1.4.1). These Recommendations replace the former SSR v2 published end 2006. They include enhanced interoperability of DVB-RCS systems, notably in the areas of Quality of Service and Management, and enhanced performance, including DVB-S2, ACM and I-PEP.

This update of the SSR introduces two new Certification Profiles, v1.3 and v2. The associated SSR documents are organised as follows:

The SatLabs Terminal certification Test Plan covers both v1.3 and v2 profiles. It includes more than 220 Test Cases.

The officially appointed SatLabs Qualification Laboratory is now ready to accept verification testing requests for the new SatLabs profiles !