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eeig_1.jpg22 Dec 2007: The SatLabs Group has mandated its Standard Evolution Working Group to develop a new set of commercial requirements for enhanced features in the DVB-RCS standard.

The major objective of this WG is to propose inclusion in the standard of new features lowering the total cost of ownership, in particular for large networks operation.


The recent DVB-RCS Symposium demonstrated how DVB-RCS has matured over the past two years, with worldwide deployments of more than 50,000 terminals and 160 networks. Now large equipment suppliers sell DVB-RCS products and prices are very competitive. DVB-RCS is now mandated by the US DoD and many governments/institutions around the globe and has gained a significant share of enterprise and vertical markets.

In order to maintain this momentum and also develop into new areas such as consumer networks, the SatLabs Group decided to initiate discussions on standard evolution, including added-value functionality beyond what the current specifications can deliver. The SatLabs Group is indeed committed to helping the development of proven and competitive products while maintaining the value of current investments. This gives the assurance to customers that DVB-RCS is a safe investment as well as the right platform for the future.

The Standard Evolution Working Group will assess all system and air interface aspects allowing lower system and operations costs, better performance and defining a smooth migration path from current systems. It is expected that the WG will bring its recommendations to standardisation bodies in early 2008.