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Noordwijk, 16 Sept 2008: The SatLabs Group announced today that its new verification program for hub functionality testing is now open.

The SatLabs certification program for DVB-RCS terminals has been a considerable achievement and a big step forward towards interoperable solutions. Today 9 terminals from 6 different manufacturers have been successfully tested for compliance with SatLabs System Recommendations. This already gives a broad choice to operators when expanding their existing system.


On the Hub side, it is the manufacturer's responsibility to provide an operational set-up which falls within the SatLabs recommendations. But, so far, no independent verification testing has existed that can check that the hub functionality is in line with the SatLabs recommendations.

The SatLabs Group initiated last year, thanks to the support of ESA, the development of a Hub Verification Test Bed. This was developed by VeriSat. This test bed is based on an emulated DVB-RCS terminal incorporating the functionality agreed by SatLabs. This is now made available to manufacturers and operators in order to test hubs. Of course, as for Terminals certification, the actual testing will be performed by an independent entity, the appointed SatLabs Qualification Laboratory, CETECOM ICT.

This new SatLabs program now allows hub manufacturers to advertise their support for SatLabs compliant terminals and network operators to invest with more confidence in interoperable products.

The Hub Verification Program is open to non SatLabs members. Any hub operators or network provider that wishes to have its hub tested shall directly contact SatLabs or CETECOM ICT.