Members Area
SatLabs membership is open to any organization worldwide with a commercial interest in the DVB-RCS standard.

Now that the SatLabs Group has been established as an independent legal entity in the form of a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG), they are able to enter into contracts with external entities and license the SatLabs Mark to terminal manufacturers that successfully pass the SatLabs qualification testing.

Different Membership Types
As determined by the European Union law that governs EEIGs, a basic distinction exists in the type of membership available:
  • Full Members
    According to EEIG regulation, entities carrying out industrial or commercial activities in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) can become members of an EEIG. They are called full members and are registered officially in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (CoC).
  • Associate Members
    SatLabs by-laws define the possibility to admit members from outside the EU and EEA as associate members with the same rights and obligations. Associate members cannot be registered in the CoC since they don't meet the EEIG regulation requirements but can be registered in the SatLabs database.

Membership Application
To apply for membership a letter should be addressed to Xavier Lobao, the SatLabs EEIG General Manager. The letter should be signed by an official with the correct level of authority to decide on membership (CEO or authorised official).

For those organisations entitled to full membership, details of company registration with their national CoC should be included, this being needed for registration with the Dutch CoC.  Other organisations will be treated as associate members.

The procedure for the admission of new members, as defined in the icon_pdf.gif   Articles of Association (AoA) (pdf 224kb), requires the EEIG members' assembly to approve the application by a 100% majority. The relationship between the members is set out in the icon_pdf.gif  Internal By-Laws (pdf 87 kb) and an annex detailing the icon_pdf.gif  liability agreement (pdf 56 kb) .

Members are requested to support the SatLabs Group with a membership fee. The current annual membership fee is €5000.00 and will be requested once membership has been successfully granted.

All members have the right to attend all the technical group meetings of the SatLabs Group, and the right to contribute and to express opinions. Members also have access, via members-only electronic facilities, to all the technical and marketing documents of the SatLabs Group and can take part in all the technical and promotional activities of the Group.