May 30, 2007
Dear SatLabs Subscriber,

The past few months have seen intense activity for the SatLabs Group.

An important milestone was reached, with the publication of Version 2 of SatLabs System Recommendations. These will enable a leap forward in terms of DVB-RCS interoperability, thereby allowing:
- Reduced operations costs through standardised management procedures and MIB based on SNMP
- Improved application performance and Quality of Service, based on IP DiffServ recommendations
- Improved transport layer performance through TCP acceleration and HTTP content pre-fetching support
- Improved satellite capacity usage through DVB-S2 support

After reaching this milestone the SatLabsGroup initiated two new activities showing the commitment of manufacturers towards enhanced interoperability and a more diverse choice for network operators:
- Independent testing of DVB-RCS Hubs will be provided. This will allow hub manufacturers to advertise their support for SatLabs compliant terminals and network operators to invest with more confidence in interoperable products. This Hub testing capability will be available by the end of this year.
- SatLabs will organise an interoperability event by the end of 2007. This will demonstrate enhanced interoperability between different DVB-RCS implementations, Hubs and Terminals, based on the Version 2 of SatLabs System Recommendations.

All these activities will reinforce the position of DVB-RCS as the only multi-vendor VSAT standard, with true interoperability including DVB-S2, Quality of Service and Network Management.

Kind regards,

Your SatLabs Team
SatLabs Group prepares new interoperability test campaign
Noordwijk, 7 May, 2007: The SatLabs Group has begun preparing a dedicated interoperability test event that will take place by the end of 2007. This event will demonstrate the enhanced level of interoperable functionality provided by Version 2 of SatLabs System Recommendations.
SatLabs Group plans for DVB-RCS hub verification testing
Noordwijk, 7 May, 2007: The SatLabs Group will start a verification program for hub functionality testing.
SatLabs starts registering interoperable PEP Vendor ID
Noordwijk, 6 May, 2007: SatLabs Version 2 Recommendations introduces the Interoperable - Performance Enhancement Proxy (I-PEP) as a SatLabs certification option (PEP option).
SatLabs confirms Cetecom as the Qualification Laboratory
Noordwijk, 1 February, 2007: After a thorough selection process involving: a Request for Information to a number of potential test laboratories, a Request for Proposals to a shortlist of candidates, and a negotiation phase involving two laboratories, the SatLabs Group has selected CETECOM as the Qualification Laboratory responsible for the execution of the SatLabs Qualification and Certification Programme. This contract was recently prolonged for another year after a further RFP process was performed.
Advantech Satellite Networks to Provide DVB-RCS VSAT SAT Communications System to Saudi Aramco
Montreal, Canada, 31 Jan, 2007: ADVANTECH AMT, Inc, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Advantech Satellite Networks Inc, has been awarded a contract to provide a new VSAT satellite communications network for Saudi Aramco in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
SatLabs Group expands DVB-RCS Interoperability
December 2006: The SatLabs Group has unveiled Version 2 of its DVB-RCS System Recommendations, which forms the basis of the SatLabs Qualification Programme for DVB-RCS interoperability. These Recommendations will allow enhanced interoperability of DVB-RCS systems, notably in the areas of Quality of Service and Management.
STM Group Delivers over 1500 New SatLink Terminals
IRVINE, Calif.-Sept. 7, 2006--Completing its first quarter of operation following the acquisition of the DVB-RCS business of Nera, STM today announced the delivery of over 1500 new SatLabs compliant SatLink terminals.

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