October 9, 2006
Dear SatLabs Subscriber,

It has been a long time since our previous newsletter and SatLabs has been active on all fronts.

In its new structure, an EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping), the SatLabs Group has now 20 members, including manufacturers, network providers and satellite operators.

We are pleased to announce major milestones in the commercial development of the DVB-RCS standard: 6 companies so far have been awarded the SatLabs Certificate of Compliance for successfully passing the SatLabs Qualification Program. This certificate verifies their broadband satellite terminals comply with the DVB-RCS standard and can interoperate with other DVB-RCS based satellite equipment.

Check out the latest list of verified products !

In addition to the latest certification news, read up on the new recommendations from SatLabs on Quality of Service and Terminal Management. SatLabs will now enter a new phase of its certification program with higher level functionality, performance and enhanced interoperability.

Kind regards,

Your SatLabs Team
DVB-S2 incorporated into the next SatLabs certification
Noordwijk, 14 July, 2006: Due to strong market demands, the SatLabs Group has set up a dedicated Working Group to develop a DVB-S2 profile and associated tests for SatLabs certified terminals.

SatLabs Working Groups on QoS and Management Harmonization issue recommendations
Noordwijk, 14 July, 2006: A major milestone has been reached towards a better interoperability of DVB-RCS products.

After one year of extensive work and discussions, both "Quality of Service" and "Management and Control Harmonization" Working Groups have proposed new recommendations. With the incorporation of the new recommendations into the next phase of the SatLabs certification programme, DVB-RCS certified terminals will be able to interoperate in different systems requiring only changes to their configuration and be able to provide real-time services efficiently.

ViaSat Receives DVB-RCS Compliance Certification
Noordwijk, 18 Apr, 2006: ViaSat announced that its LinkStar VSAT system has received the SatLabs Group Certificate of Compliance on Apr 12, 2006.

SatLabs Middle East Symposium highlights need to intensify interoperability
SatLabs 1st Middle East Symposium generated important and essential feedback from more than 50 key players in the Middle East region. Presentations available online.

PentaMedia Receives DVB-RCS Compliance Certification
Noordwijk, 7 Feb, 2006: PentaMedia announced that its OpenRCSTM (Open standard of DVB-RCS, the brand of PentaMedia) has received the SatLabs Group Certificate of Compliance on Feb 2, 2006.

New release of SatLabs System Recommendations
Noordwijk, 7 Feb, 2006: At the end of last year, after extensive discussions, the SatLabs System Recommendations document was updated by the SatLabs group in order to align it with the current SatLabs certification requirements.

Newtec's DVB-RCS terminal receives SatLabs Certificate of Compliance
Noordwijk, 2 Feb, 2006: Newtec announced on the 27th January that it has received a Certificate of Compliance from SatLabs for its DVB-RCS Satellite Interactive Terminal products.

Low Cost Installation System for Satellite Interactive Terminals
Noordwijk, 5 Dec, 2005: The issue of Low Cost Installation Systems for Satellite Interactive Terminals was addressed at the last SatLabs meeting held on the 15th and 16th Nov 2005.

SatLabs System Recommendations v1.2
DVB-RCS Compliance and Interoperability Outline Test Plan
VoIP with QoS and Bandwidth-on-Demand for DVB-RCS

The SatLabs Group is an international, not-for-profit association whose members are committed to bringing the deployment of the DVB-RCS standard to large-scale adoption. SatLabs membership is formed by service providers, satellite operators, system integrators, terminal manufacturers and technology providers with an interest in DVB-RCS.