December 21, 2004
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Following the launch of the SatLabs Group Webpage and the publication of the SatLabs Group brochure, we are now happy to include the first SatLabs Group online Newsletter.

The Newsletter will be published four times a year, complimenting the regular news updates you'll find on the SatLabs website.
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We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2005! We hope it will be a prosperous year for DVB-RCS thanks to the dedication of the SatLabs Group.

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  SatLabs Qualification Program getting ready for take-off
The SatLabs Qualification Program and certification process are set to begin within the first quarter of 2005, when the appointed SatLabs Qualification Laboratory will operate the Common Test Bed.
  SatLabs selects Qualification Laboratory
After a thorough selection process involving: a Request for Information to a number of potential test laboratories, a Request for Proposals to a shortlist of candidates, and a negotiation phase involving two laboratories, the SatLabs Group has selected CETECOM as the Qualification Laboratory responsible for the execution of the SatLabs Qualification and Certification Programme.
  SatLabs testbed under validation
The testbed that will be used for DVB-RCS terminal interoperability qualification testing is currently undergoing validation testing following its successful integration.
  SatLabs to become independent legal entity
The SatLabs Group is in the process of setting itself up as an independent legal entity. This will help simplify the process of establishing contracts with external entities, issuing certificates and licensing the SatLabs Mark to those terminal manufacturers that successfully pass the SatLabs qualification testing.
  Common IFL specification agreed
After years of discussion in different standardisation forums, an important milestone has been achieved: a common specification for the Inter-Facility Link (IFL) of DVB-RCS terminals has been agreed.
  SatLabs System Recommendations(pdf, 651 kb)
  DVB-RCS Compliance and Interoperability OutlineTest Plan(pdf, 637 kb)
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The SatLabs Group is an international, not-for-profit association whose members are committed to bringing the deployment of the DVB-RCS standard to large-scale adoption. SatLabs membership is formed by service providers, satellite operators, system integrators, terminal manufacturers and technology providers with an interest in DVB-RCS.