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The SatLabs certification program for DVB-RCS terminals has been a considerable achievement and a big step forward towards interoperable solutions. On the Hub side, it is the manufacturer's responsibility to provide an operational set-up which falls within the SatLabs recommendations. But, so far, no independent verification testing has existed that can check that the hub functionality is in line with the SatLabs recommendations.

It is now the case with the SatLabs Hub Verification Program. It provides an independent verification of DVB-RCS hub functionality and compliance with the DVB-RCS standard and SatLabs recommendations.

As for the SatLabs Qualification Program for terminals, the Hub Verification Program is based on three pillars:

Most of the features of the SatLabs System Recommendations can be verified using the Hub verification program, including DVB-S2, QoS, Management & Control and I-PEP.

The SatLabs Hub verification Program is accessible to members of the SatLabs Group but also to any DVB-RCS hub operator worldwide. Testing can be performed locally at the hub premises, remotely through satellite link or directly at the Laboratory. Any hub operators or network provider that wishes to have its hub tested shall directly contact SatLabs or CETECOM ICT.

This new SatLabs program now allows hub manufacturers to advertise their support for SatLabs compliant terminals and network operators to invest with more confidence in interoperable products.