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To ease market access to DVB-RCS terminals the SatLabs Group organized the SatLabs Qualification Program providing an independent certification process to verify terminal interoperability and compliance with DVB-RCS standard.

The SatLabs Qualification Program is based on three pillars:
  • SatLabs Terminal certification Test Plan, describing more than 100 test cases and several test profiles.
  • The SatLabs Common Test Bed, dedicated to DVB-RCS interoperability verification and independent from any DVB-RCS manufacturer. The Common Test Bed has been thoroughly validated using actual DVB-RCS terminals.
  • The SatLabs Qualification Laboratory, providing independent test services and certification assessment. After a thorough selection the SatLabs Group has selected CETECOM ICT Services as the Qualification Laboratory responsible for the execution of the SatLabs Qualification and Certification Programme.

SatLabs has recently published a new set of SatLabs System Recommendations and a new SatLabs Terminal certification Test Plan. Both together now allow the introduction of a new level of terminal interoperability, as they are covering further features to be part of the SatLabs Qualification Scope. Beside the support of DVB-S2, measures for appropriate service quality (QoS, I-PEP) and a harmonised network management (HM&C) are part of the terminal qualification.

The SatLabs Qualification Program is only accessible by members of the SatLabs Group. Documentation on the qualification program is only available to members.

The SatLabs Qualification Program can be highlighted as following:

  1. Terminal Manufacturer makes Request for Qualification
  2. Issue of Qualification Offer from the Qualification Laboratory to Terminal Manufacturer
  3. Terminal Testing in Qualification Laboratory
  4. Issue of Test Report
  5. Admission to List of Qualified Products (if test is successful)
  6. Issue of SatLabs Certificate
  7. Terminals are allowed to carry SatLabs Mark

Access to the qualification process is directly provided by Cetecom.

Terminals that manage to successfully pass all the tests contained in the Test Plan are granted the SatLabs Certificate and are allowed to carry the SatLabs Mark.

Up to 2008, the SatLabs Qualification Program was only applicable to terminal equipment. However, the SatLabs Group EEIG has just initiated a new program for hub verification.

Detailed explanations of the Qualification Program are provided in the form of a Question and Answer list