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After a thorough selection process involving: a Request for Information to a number of potential test laboratories, a Request for Proposals to a shortlist of candidates, and a negotiation phase involving two laboratories, the SatLabs Group has selected CETECOM as the Qualification Laboratory responsible for the execution of the SatLabs Qualification Programme. This contract is now running until the end of 2010.

CETECOM have significant experience with DVB-RCS and, due to their involvement with SatLabs, also have a perfect knowledge of the SatLabs Qualification Programme and associated test equipment. As a consequence, they are providing the SatLabs Qualification Testing at a very high quality. The testing agreement which has been signed by SatLabs and CETECOM furthermore defines service levels which are regularly monitored.

CETECOM has been operating and maintaining the SatLabs Common Test Bed (CTB) which has been developed and validated especially for the purpose of DVB-RCS terminals Qualification Testing since 2005. The Test Bed was also upgraded for testing the features of SatLabs Qualification profiles v1.3 and v2 (QoS, HM&C, DVB-S2 and I-PEP).

CETECOM now also operates the SatLabs Hub verification Test Bed (HTB) that allows testing DVB-RCS hub functionality. Such testing can be offered to any DVB-RCS hub operator worldwide, locally or remotely via satellite.

CETECOM is a global test house with test centres spread worldwide. This offers the additional advantage that the qualification testing could easily be carried out in different geographical areas in order to reduce test time and cost.