Members Area

The SatLabs Group is an international, not-for-profit association whose members are committed to bringing the deployment of the DVB-RCS standard to large-scale adoption.

 SatLabs membership is comprised of service providers, satellite operators, system integrators, terminal manufacturers and technology providers with an interest in DVB-RCS.

Who can join the SatLabs Group?

Membership in the SatLabs Group is open to all companies worldwide that are interested in promoting interoperable solutions based on the DVB-RCS standard.

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Why was the SatLabs Group formed?

The main objective of the SatLabs Group is to ensure interoperability among DVB-RCS terminals and systems and the availability of solutions for interoperability testing and certification. Another objective of the Group is to achieve lower user terminal cost by means of exploiting commonalities among different systems, defining and developing common critical components and technologies, and defining common practices and recommendations.

To date, the work of the SatLabs Group is concentrated on five domains:

  • Interoperability between DVB-RCS systems and terminals
  • Minimising the cost of service provision
  • Support to DVB-RCS Market Development
  • Establishment of a Competence Centre for DVB-RCS
  • Analysis and Definition of future evolutions of the DVB-RCS standard