Members Area

The SatLabs Group is working towards simplifying market development for systems based on the DVB-RCS. Therefore, the Group identified a set of work areas where the provision of solutions complementary to the DVB-RCS standard would be beneficial. In particular the following topics were identified and are under way:

  • Ensure business applications run efficiently over DVB-RCS. The Group identified the mostly requested business applications and they will be tested and configured for an optimal operation over satellite in DVB-RCS systems. Resulting information are published in this site to facilitate application configuration and usage. See White Papers section in Documents page.
  • Ensure seamless integration with global IP networks, by means of enabling the use of existing operational support systems (OSS) to manage DVB-RCS networks and subscriber data.
  • Optimise performance over DVB-RCS. The Group is working in progressive steps identifying and agreeing on solutions that maximise performance whilst maintaining interoperability. For instance, the Group has defined a common interoperable PEP (Performance Enhancement Proxy) that enables interoperability allowing at the same time an optimal performance of TCP and HTTP applications.