Members Area

In this domain the Group is addressing the different cost elements related to DVB-RCS service provision, namely: user terminals, terminal installation and satellite capacity (space segment). The goal is to minimise the cost associated with DVB-RCS end-to-end services.

The Group has worked as a first priority on reducing the cost of user terminals because of the critical character of the cost element for service take-up but also because of the possibility of having an impact in the short term. Related with that is the cost of terminal installation, for which the Group issued recommendations that led to a study launched by ESA.

The optimisation of the space segment costs is an area that requires a more longer-term action. In the short term higher efficiency has been reached by means of the incorporation of DVB-S2 into DVB-RCS. Also DVB-S2 and Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) have been included as new terminal profiles in the latest SatLabs System Recommendations.