Members Area

The main and most important task of the SatLabs Group is to ensure interoperability between the DVB-RCS products. Therefore, the Group is working on a number of focused tasks to reach that goal:

  • SatLabs System Recommendations (SSR) were elaborated to facilitate interoperability between DVB-RCS terminals. The documents complement the DVB-RCS standard and guidelines by defining the level of interoperability and associated functions, identifying practical profiles from the set of possible options and clarifying some functions defined in the standard that might provide interoperability problems. In 2006 then 2008, Phase 2 recommendations were published, thereby allowing enhanced interoperability of DVB-RCS systems, notably in the areas of Quality of Service and Management, and performance, through the inclusion of DVB-S2 and I-PEP.
  • SatLabs Terminal certification Test Plans (STTP) were elaborated addressing DVB-RCS basic compliance, with a set of test cases aimed to test the behaviour of DVB-RCS terminals. DVB-RCS compliance guarantees that a terminal can logon to the DVB-RCS network, maintain its synchronisation, make capacity requests as well use the corresponding capacity allocations. Compliance also covers the IP encapsulation, on both forward and return link, which means that the transport of IP datagrams to and from terminals is enabled. A number of test cases ensure interoperability is based on typical profiles. The latest Test Plan includes support for Phase 2 certification levels.
  • A qualification program has been defined, including the different processes and entities involved. DVB-RCS terminals which meet the recommendations as agreed by the SatLabs group and which have proven to do so in the independent SatLabs Qualification Laboratory are allowed to carry the SatLabs mark. The SatLabs mark publicly shows that the DVB-RCS terminal has passed exhaustive testing in the SatLabs Qualification Laboratory and that the behaviour of the terminal was deemed to be compliant to the SatLabs recommendations. A list of qualified products is maintained and is publicly available on this site.
  • The test bed required to execute the common test plan associated with the qualification program has been developed by the European Space Agency in coordination with the SatLabs Group.
  • A short-term interoperability action was successfully completed between the members that had DVB-RCS products in the market at the time of the action. All combinations of hubs and terminals were tested and proved interoperable.
  • The SatLabs Group has set up dedicated Working Groups in order to increase the extent of DVB-RCS interoperability and reduce the cost of service provision.