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The Interfacility Link has been considered one of the key issues in the terminal cost reduction exercise.

The normative document provides options for its implementation. An agreement on this specification is important because it allows IDU and ODUs to be interchanged between different vendors. A highly standardised interface allows component suppliers to obtain benefit of large production scale, which leads to lower ODU and IDU cost. In the decision process the terminal installation cost has been taken into account as one of the main factor.

The icon_pdf.gif  DVB-RCS Common IFL Specification (pdf, 259 kb) is a cable assembly, which interconnects the IDU with the ODU; it is used to exchange monitor and control information, Rx and Tx data, powering and reference.

The Group approved a specification for the IFL with one single option, the location of the reference clock, which can be in the IDU or in the ODU.