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One of the main difficulties in taking-up satellite communications technology in general and DVB-RCS in particular is widely recognised to be the high cost of user terminals.

The SatLabs Group concluded that a possible way to reduce the cost would be to have common components optimised for user terminals operating in all different DVB-RCS system implementations.

In this perspective the Group identified a number of key components considered critical from the user terminal cost viewpoint. The components are:

Outdoor Unit

Indoor Unit:

For these identified components, optimised versions do not exist; and in the market different specifications are being used by terminal manufacturers.

Working groups were set up to define the specifications for the components, which were discussed and approved by the SatLabs Group.

The SatLabs Group presented the specifications to ESA as recommendations for development.

The objective of having common components is that the demands from individual system, terminal and equipment manufacturers can be aggregated leading to large production volumes. Consequently, the companies carrying out the developments are requested to support commercialisation phase.