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There is a real opportunity for DVB-RCS service providers to gain access to the broadband internet consumer market.

The unique possibility to succeed resides in the ability to propose a high performance user terminal that can be manufactured in high volume at reduced prices suitable for the consumer market.

Targeting this ambitious objective, SatLabs Group has focused all its effort on the identification of the main factors that contribute to the overall cost of the user terminal:

  • Critical components: SatLabs identified the components that are key contributors to the cost of user terminals. For these components the Group agreed on common specifications with the objective of incorporating them in the next generation of DVB-RCS terminals. A challenging price target was defined for each of the critical components. The aggregated demand will certainly reduce the price of the components and therefore that of user terminals.
  • Installation: the current cost of installation solution is very high. This is a strong limiting factor to the growth of DVB-RCS service demand. SatLabs requested ESA to launch an activity with the objective of analysing the optimisation of user terminal installation for DVB-RCS systems with the objective of reducing its cost by means of optimised techniques and supporting tools.
  • Common Interfacility Link (IFL) : SatLabs specified a common interfacility link that allows full interoperability between IDU and ODU provided by different manufacturers and minimises the need for different version and so enabling large production leading to reduced costs.