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The SatLabs Test Beds provide the laboratory environment for the DVB-RCS terminal interoperability qualification testing (CTB) as well as the Hub verification testing (HTB).


VeriSat developed the test beds under contracts from the European Space Agency: The terminal test bed (CTB) is an essential tool for executing the SatLabs terminal qualification testing. It has been developed as an independent test system with a dedicated design for terminal testing.
The hub verification test bed (HTB) allows hubs to be verified for SatLabs terminal interoperability compliance.

The test beds offer all the necessary functionality to perform the terminal certification tests as well as hub verification tests for all SatLabs specified functionality including DVB-S2, QoS, M&C and I-PEP options.

The terminal qualification tests are described in the SatLabs Terminal certification Test Plan, which is based on the DVB-RCS standard and the SatLabs System Recommendations.

The hub verification tests are described in the SatLabs Hub Verification Test Plan which is based on the on the DVB-RCS standard and the SatLabs Hub Recommendations. The HTB has a motorized 1.2 m Ku-band antenna with a 2 Watt BUC capable of performing verification testing through the air as long as the satellite footprint coves Saarbrücken in Germany.

About VeriSat

VeriSat, a SatLabs member, is a Norwegian company offering DVB-RCS test equipment and test solutions, including forward and return link analysers and hub and terminal emulators. The VeriSat DVB-RCS Analysers are the industry standard for DVB-RCS verification.

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