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The goal of these Recommendations – SatLabs Systems Recommendations (SSR) - is to facilitate interoperability of DVB-RCS terminals through a qualification system managed by the SatLabs Group:

  • Interoperability of terminals compliant with SatLabs Terminal Profiles
    Terminals from different manufacturers that are compliant with the SSR shall be able to operate in networks that support the SSR
  • Documenting compliance with the DVB-RCS standard and SSR for critical terminal and system interoperability issues

The SatLabs terminal qualification process is limited to documenting the terminal compliance. Hub vendors that are SatLabs members commit to support interoperability with all terminals complying with the SatLabs profile(s) within the Hub’s capability.

These Recommendations define SatLabs Terminal Profiles specifying IP services, DVB-RCS options and complementary features to be supported for each SatLabs Terminal Profile. These Recommendations also describe qualification test parameter profiles that will be used in the qualification testing. These profiles are by definition certified interoperable configurations for SatLabs compliant terminals. The scope of the qualification testing is to ensure interoperability of critical air interface protocol issues. The general functionality, capabilities and performance of the terminal are outside the scope of the qualification tests.

The latest SSR for Version 1.3 certification expands the scope of Version 1.2 to include:

  • Interoperable QoS functionality
  • Enhanced QoS and support, defining the Enhanced QoS option (ENHQOS)
  • Interoperable Performance Enhancement Proxy (I-PEP), defining the PEP option
  • HTTP pre-fetching in a single side pull mode, defining the HTTP option
  • Definition of 2 terminal profiles for the support of DVB-S and DVB-S2
  • Definition of 2 terminal profiles for DVB-S2: Constant Coding and Modulation (CCM), Variable Coding and Modulation/Adaptive Coding and Modulation (VCM/ACM, which includes CCM support)
  • Alignment with DVB-RCS specifications EN301790 v1.5.1 (not including mobility and mesh extensions)

The latest SSR for Version 2 certification include, in addition to Version 1.2, the following features:

  • Interoperable management and control functionality
  • DVB-RCS MIB support, according to RFC5728 (The SatLabs Group DVB-RCS MIB)

SSR documents

SatLabs phase 1 certification program (from september 2005): defining SatLabs v1 profile

SatLabs phase 2 certification program (from september 2008): defining SatLabs v1.3 and v2 profiles