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“Answering Satellite Communications Challenges with DVB-RCS”

9th March 2006, 10:00-17:00
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Room Sharjah D (above Hall 6)

Attendance is free.  Coffee, lunch and reception are included.
Registration in advance is required





The purpose of the CABSAT DVB-RCS Satellite Communications Symposium 2006 is to bring together both existing and potential users, operators and service providers, managers and policy makers, equipment manufactures and non-profit organizations in an environment where all can find solutions and create business opportunities with the open standard for satellite communications, ETSI DVB-RCS.

The aim is to present uses and solutions based on the DVB-RCS technology, discuss market and technological trends and the advantages and possibilities offered by the DVB-RCS standard, and to help define the future evolution of the technology so that it can meet the new challenges that will arise.

The event will feature key speakers from the industry, standards development organizations, industry forums, and satellite operators:

  • Mr Xavier Lobao, Chairman, SATLABS,
  • Prof. Gunnar Stette, Chairman of the DVB-RCS Group,
  • High level DVB-RCS presentations from the industry, including

    • Newtec
    • ND SatCom
    • Nera SatCom
    • Advantech Satellite Networks
    • New Skies Satellites

The target audience is for any company or organization, private or public, involved with or considering getting involved with satellite communications. This will include satellite operators, service providers, equipment manufacturers, users and user groups, educational organizations, regulatory bodies and policy makers.

Some of the key topics that will be covered:

  • What is DVB-RCS and what can it do
  • Latest status of DVB-RCS Systems and benefits of true, open satellite standards
  • SatLabs type approval and how is interoperability secured between all the different manufacturers
  • Deployment and operation of DVB-RCS satellite systems
  • Latest status on equipment and the cost of use
  • Latest status on DVB-RCS with the new, advanced, DVB-S2
  • What can Open Standards, ETSI, ESA, EU and SatLabs do for your business

Do not miss this opportunity to debate with high-level representatives of the satellite industry!

The Symposium will also commemorate Ms Penny Glover and her contributions to the satellite communications community.

The SatLabs Symposium is organized by SatLabs in co-operation with CABSAT. It is supported by the key DVB-RCS players: Newtec, Nera Satcom, ND SatCom, New Skies Satellites and Advantech Satellite Networks (formerly EMS SatNet).