Members Area
The goal of the SatLabs Group is to ensure interoperability between DVB-RCS terminals and systems and to achieve low-cost solutions based on DVB-RCS technologies. To reach this goal the SatLabs Group has so far focused its attention primarily on the following key activities.



The main and most important task of the SatLabs Group is to ensure Interoperability between DVB-RCS products.This includes:
The Group is also working on the reduction of Service Provisions Cost related to DVB-RCS systems. Different cost elements have been taken into account by the Group: User Terminals , Terminal Installation and Satellite Capacity (Space Segment).


The SatLabs Group is working towards easing Market Development for systems based on the DVB-RCS. In this domain the Group identified some working areas: Business Application, Integration with global IP networks and DVB-RCS Performance optimisation.